alexbogd (alexbogd) wrote,

Про упрощения

Любой журналист, пишущий о науке, должен безбожно упрощать. Иногда приходится объяснять буквально на пальцах. Вот как New York Times описывает бозон Хиггса: The Higgs was the last missing ingredient of the Standard Model, a suite of equations that has ruled particle physics for the last half-century, explaining everything from the smell of a rose to the ping when your computer boots up. According to this model, the universe brims with energy that acts like a cosmic molasses, imbuing the particles that move through it with mass, the way a bill moving through Congress attracts riders and amendments, becoming more and more ponderous and controversial.
Without the Higgs field, many elementary particles, like electrons, would be massless and would zip around at the speed of light. There would be no atoms and no us.

Про конгресс и запах розы - просто жуть, имхо.
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